Magnús Ingvar Ágústsson
Project description

Do you know what data is collected of your monetary transactions at the moment?
Every digital transaction is traceable. Even digital solutions like Bitcoin can still potentially be monitored. So how can you protect yourself from constant surveillance? Vessel offers a solution through a new form of physical payment; Each Vessel has a unique public address which you can check online to make sure the given value is valid. The money then changes hands without further tracking.


Based in Reykavik and Eindhoven, Magnus is engaged in typography, graphic design and illustration. He seeks to gain and share understanding about bigger issues and project them in a visually engaging manner. His projects materialise the discussions on privacy in relation to online payment systems, explores current warfare by means of a board game, questions gender binaries through symbolic graphics and interprets technology through myths and legends.

Whilst working on several freelance projects Magnus works at Jónsson & Le’macks as a graphic designer and is a founding member of studio Olnbogi.