User Needs of Autonomous Vehicles #1

Thursday Workshop – April 5
User Needs of Autonomous Vehicles #1

Some things we just need to work on! During the course of the exhibition we are exploring a variety of topics through workshops. On this particular Thursday the PhD researcher Darja Vrščaj is invited for the first in a series of three workshops on autonomous vehicles.

Traffic is changing rapidly. Thanks to artificial intelligence, cars are transitioning to becoming autonomous personal assistants. These fancy devices promise to save us from traffic accidents, make us more efficient, increase our comfort, and anticipate our needs. Smart technologies also promise us, as users, to have a bigger role – not only as consumers, but also as technology co-producers.

We will organize three workshops (5th, 12th, and 26th April, 2018), where we will watch snippets from autonomous car commercials and discuss what they mean for the user. The questions we would like to discuss include:
Is this technology empowering users?
Who are car manufacturers envisioning as future users of autonomous cars?

18:45 Drop in
19:00 Workshop start
20:30 Workshop end with drinks


Darja Vrščaj pursues a Ph.D. at the School of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences at TU/e, where she explores the roles of future users in the transition from automobility to smart mobility. Her interests include researching societal implications of new and emerging science and technology. Her research is typically targeted towards developing more socially responsible innovation policy and innovation agendas. She will engage in discussions and workshops, exploring the dominant values, user-needs, and value-conflicts regarding technological innovation, as well as possible desirable futures, among the Eindhovenaren on the topics of smart technologies and Artificial Intelligence relating to automated cars.