Beam It Up
Project description

How can technology be used in education? Can it become a tool for children to learn rather than a distraction?
Beam it Up focuses on developing projects that bring technology into the classroom and that offer new ways of learning and exploring. Tijdmachine is an example of such a project. Thanks to an easy to learn and accessible interface, children can transform subjects that they have previously drawn into a Kinect game.


Beam it Up is an initiative by Robbert Storm and Liselotte de Groot who develop interactive workshops and projects for children and young people, in which fantasy is combined with technology and innovation. Their approach to education contributes to the creative development of children. In their workshops they encourage pupils to use images, technology, music and movement. The children also learn to express their experiences and to present their own work to others.

The workshops give a glimpse behind the scenes of the digital world. By making use of techniques like the green-screen, Beam it Up allows children to look at the world differently. As a result, they also learn to critically assess information, something which has become even more important with the arrival of the internet.