The Gap Between Creatives and Technology

Friday Feelgood Talks – April 13
The Gap Between Creatives and Technology

During the course of the exhibition we feel the urge to unpack parts of the discussion on innovation in a more conversational setting. Join in for this afterwork session when Luca Claessens will elaborate further on two modes of working and the implications they have. What does it imply for creatives to work in technology and how can they make sure their cause is the right one? When does something have to work mathematically, when does it have to present itself aesthetically, and when does it have to do both? Plus, how can you decide on that? How can you roll as a creative in ‘the industry’ and does that even have added value? What are the implications of safety vs. freedom, do they even oppose each other?

With a creative education yet mastering the technological elements of his work Luca will guide us through the interdisciplinary struggles of the creative, offering a variety of options!

17:30 Drop in
18:00 Event Start
19:00 End of event


Luca Claessens works by reflecting on the world surrounding him – with a keen eye for detail, a sharp tone of voice and lots of fun. He prefers to know a bit of everything, but also to know everything there is to know about the odd topic. Simply put, you won’t find him doing the same thing for months on end, but he would rather sink into a topic wholeheartedly if it resonates. Not only does he want to create beautiful things, but the core focus always has eye for responsibility and coherency.