Project description

By buying a beverage from S.A.M you are supporting this machine to survive autonomously from humans. S.A.M employs water kombucha grains to produce a beverage, acting as a small scale automated food production system. This machine intelligently manages recipes, prices, maintenance, service and labour, but does not yet have any legal status. What do you think the new social agreement between humans and autonomous machines should look like?


Arvid&Marie is a duo of artists, experience designers and technological adventurers always aiming to discover new ways to stretch our world.

Marie Caye is graduated from the Design Academy of Eindhoven Cum Laude in the Food-Non Food department. Arvid Jense completed his industrial design Master of Science at the Technological University of Eindhoven. Since the end of their studies, Arvid & Marie collaborate to join technological expertise and critical thinking.

In their work, the use of interactive objects is present as a way to create experiences and performative stories: researching how humans express themselves and how provocation can lead to change. Recently, Arvid & Marie are exploring post-human theories focusing on design for the non-human, such as a musical instrument for pigs or legal rights for machines.