Sara Kaiser
Project description

How long do you want to live? How far would you go to extend your lifespan? And what would you do with your time?
‘Liminal’ introduces a conversation in which opinions about the consequences that life extension may have on society are explored. At the centre of this project is a role play. Join the discussion on longevity by inviting three other people to participate in this interactive piece with you. Put on the head phones, press the yellow button and enjoy!


Intrigued by biological processes and the transformability of bodies, Sara Kaiser’s work focuses on visualising information and hence creating situations in which topics can be explored from various angles. As a designer her mediums vary from installation, performance, image and film. At the heart of her practice one finds intriguing ways to tell stories on the discrepancy of societal and bodily transformation. After having studied at HFBK Hamburg, Germany she finished her studies at Design Academy Eindhoven and is currently working as a freelance designer in the Netherlands.