Audrey Large
Project description

What is lying under the skin of the images of reality? 
As constant subjects of more and more efficient tracking technologies, life appears to be a video installation. In this installation bodies which are continuously recorded become moving entities living for and transformed by the eyes of cameras. In this way life itself can be seen as a VFX (visual effects) movie. Each thing becomes an image, distorted by an ongoing series of visual effects. This project proposes a methodology in which each visual effect that you would usually see in a cinema can become a creative tool for new ways to envision things in your everyday life.

In a backstage set-up, a stunt-designer reenacts stereotypical behaviours in interaction with everyday objects. Recorded by a video camera, the movements are tracked and sent to a different editing software in order to be applied to 3D-models. Transformed in data, the movements are the raw material of new entities creation. These are the ‘.mocap’, fragments of the real. They are compressed in a motion capture format. They are propositions for a new materiality.


Audrey Large (b.1994) is a French designer currently based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. She graduated with Cum laude from the Design Academy of Eindhoven, Ma Social design. Her fascination for the moving image and her early sensitivity to drawing pushed her in a design school environment to question the nature of objects, especially in their new digital dimension. It led her to the following statement: life is a VFX (visual effects) movie in which objects are images and images are objects. Whether moving, 2d or 3d, she is an image maker. Intertwining film making and animation techniques, her work uses digital image manipulation as potential creative tools to envision matter.