Game Solutions Lab
Project description

How can big data help you to get personal insights? InterviewR is an app that engages in conversation with people. Using video, InterviewR asks you questions about your approaches to and ideas around technology. The app then records your conversation, conducts an analysis and converts the results into a research report. The report is analysed semantically and syntactically on the IBM Watson supercomputer, which makes it possible to process large amounts of information into an overview-able format.

Originally InterviewR was asking elderly people about their joys in life. In the first version of the project a well-known Dutch tv-personality appeared on the screen. She started a conversation about what really made the user happy. InterviewR can easily and quickly interview a large group of people. The app thus provides up-to-date, reliable and representative information about things that really make people happy, or their concerns with technology.


Game Solutions Lab is a game studio that creates games to influence the behaviour of people and organisations with an impact. They do this through the development of serious games and gamified apps. Their passion within this medium is in health and happiness. With over 50 years of experience in the field of concepting, game production and development they develop games in to full releasable products.