Bernhard Lenger
Project description

Should machines be used to read our emotions? 
Fearless is an interactive kinetic object which focuses on an empathic user-object interaction. It visualises current states of anxiety. Through a biofeedback sensors, which measures physiological changes with electronic sensors, the body can be read by the object. This project proposes a way for people to deal with emotions, with the support of machines.
What machines are you dependent on? Which responsibilities would you give a machine in relation to your identity?


Bernhard Lenger is an Austrian designer currently based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. He uses objects, technology and narration to address personal and global interactions from current affairs. His work encourages individual and collective participation by inviting people and experts to question current affairs. Lenger’s work is always a proposal, a whisper. He starts from an observation of his current context which leads him to a reaction and so to a creative and collaborative production. Bernhard Lenger sees design as a provocative tool of arising questions, a tool to discover new solutions and to proposes an honest motion for the better.