Filip Setmanuk in collaboration with Vincent Thornhill
Project description

Should society resist against the development of new technologies? Are they not all going too far? And how would the world look like without machines? Samuel Butler wrote in his 1872 satirical novel Erewhon:
“Man’s very soul is due to the machines; it is a machine-made thing: he thinks as he thinks and feels as he feels through the work that machines have wrought upon him, and their existence is quite as much a sine qua non for his, as his for theirs. This fact precludes us from proposing the complete annihilation of machinery, but surely it indicates that we should destroy as many of them as we can possibly dispense with, lest they should tyrannise over us even more completely.” Experience this scenario from different perspectives through a life-action role-play set within a melodramatic simulation.


Filip Setmanuk is a graduate from the department of Man&Communication at the Design Academy Eindhoven. He is fascinated by the use of interaction design and character embodiment, as a powerful storytelling method. Through his work, he envisions scenarios which function as a lens to examine the condition of a contemporary man. He works at the convergence of various media formats such as animation, installation, video-game, performance and video.

Vincent Thornhill (NZ) submits to an image reality, where any sense of the ‘real world’ is inseparable from representation. Operating within this new media climate, his inquiries use digital imagery as a design in itself to probe the boundaries of communication and identity.
In doing so, he finds new meaning in how and why imagery is produced and consumed. The resulting work is often pictorial and written research, acting as dialogue between the image and individual.