After Photography

Dongwhan Kam
Project description

Do you draw a line between the real and the virtual? After Photography investigates this relationship through a camera that looks like any other normal camera. Nevertheless this one is engineered to capture virtual landscapes and events through the use of sensors. The landscapes are virtual spaces based on images from social networks. While the photo session itself looks like a wondrous dance in outer space, the pictures resulting from it show how reality becomes objectified. The project invites the user to explore other positions and angles of a journalistic image or a news event. After Photography aims to provokes question about the carelessness and passivity inherent in the translation from real to virtual through photography and ask you to position yourself in relation to the images you see.


Donghwan Kam is a designer and photographer who was born in South Korea and works between Eindhoven and Seoul. The camera is his main tool to grasp the questions and inspiration from his daily life.Again he is using his pictures as field-research notes. Through this process, his goal is to explore the outside of the frame: the context and phenomena of the images around us. His work often contain modified conditions of photography in order to reach a more layered meaning in imagery. He studied fine art and recently graduated Social Design master in Design AcademyEindhoven 2017.