Reloading Technology is a comprehensive exhibition at Temporary Art Centre (TAC) in Eindhoven, that discusses the meaning and terms of technological innovation. What is the future of labour? How will autonomous machines inhabit society? How can we maintain privacy when information is monitored? Reloading Technology encourages thinking and brings together users, companies, designers, artists and universities in order to search for answers on these and many other questions.

A selection from the exhibition programme

The exhibition contains design- and art projects that show the boundaries, opportunities and pitfalls of technical innovation. A selection of the exhibition program: Reloading Technology is inviting, amongst others, the Hyperace Collective to showcase the legacy of virtual reality and augmented reality (VR and AR). Designer Dongwhan Kam lets us in on a journalistic experiment with his VR-based photography tool, that enables the user to take new pictures of a specific news event in a virtual space. Educational company Beam it Up have been working on a playful implementation of technology in education by motivating students to interact with it in a creative way. Their project Kinect Cart will be on show.

Public programme

Besides the exhibition there’s a rich public programme with workshops on Thursday varying from chat-bot-making to finding user based approaches to automated vehicle development. On March 29 an event about sensual machines, robotics and identity will take place, in collaboration with Baltan Laboraties. Under the title ‘Friday Feelgood Talks’ lectures are organized that will discuss discuss cyber-surveilance and the urge to implement ethics into artificial intelligences – and whose ethics would this be? On Sundays we will screen a variety documentaries concerning the topic such as ‘The internet’s Own Boy’ and ‘The Future of Work and Death’.

Curation · Olle Lundin
Production · Sara Kaiser
Design · Jonas Ersland
Exhibition design · Patricio Nusselder
Supporting research · Juhee Hahm

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Reloading Technology is on display at TAC Eindhoven.